Pagoda Acupuncture Clinic in Bangor Gwynedd

Why Choose The Pagoda Acupuncture Clinic in Bangor, Gwynedd?


You Have A Guarantee of Quality Treatment

We guarantee that Pagoda Acupuncture acupuncturists are accredited members of The British Acupuncture Council (the UK’s main regulatory body for traditional acupuncture). That means we’re fully trained and qualified, compliant with all current legislation and codes of practice as well as professionally insured.

With Pagoda Acupuncture, you’re in safe hands.

At Pagoda Acupuncture, we believe that your chance of deep and lasting healing is possible only when the root causes of illness are addressed. Traditional Chinese acupuncture works at exactly this level.

Pagoda Acupuncture Clinic in Bangor Gwynedd

Why I founded Pagoda Acupuncture: Iain’s story

At just 35 years of age, I had a heart attack. By good fortune, I chose acupuncture to help me recover. I owe my quality of life to that great decision.

Having a heart attack at the age of 35 surprised both me and the doctors! I was fit and healthy, didn’t smoke and had recently completed the London Marathon and Dewsbury Triathlon.

However as I tried to recover from this traumatic illness, the anxiety and worry meant my blood pressure was getting higher, not lower. The threat of another attack was significant.

I was already taking cardiac medication and didn’t want to start taking antidepressants as well, with all the side effects and risks they were likely to involve. I decided to try acupuncture.

Excellent! Acupuncture helps enormously with my MS symptoms. I would recommend anybody to try it. 10 out of 10!

– Sue has had MS for several years.

It was a remarkable experience. During the treatment, I felt as if every bit of anxiety and tension was being released from my body. Each time I left the treatment room I felt like I had springs in my heels! For the first time in the year following my heart attack, I felt well, happy and uplifted. Of course, I’m truly grateful for the fantastic medical treatment I received during and after my heart attack.

But the fact remains that acupuncture helped my body heal itself naturally. No antidepressants. No side effects.

Whereas conventional medicine uses powerful chemicals or invasive surgery to achieve its goals, acupuncture works by stimulating the body’s self-healing mechanisms.

For me, acupuncture made far greater sense. When I saw what it had done for me I knew that I wanted to use my life to bring acupuncture to people who conventional medicine does not help.

Thus began my amazing acupuncture journey. I studied Acupuncture at Leeds Metropolitan University as the course was was fully accredited by the British Acupuncture Council. Since then, I’ve never looked back. It is a joy and a privilege to see Pagoda patients enjoying the wonderful benefits of traditional Chinese acupuncture.

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