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chronic bowel

Digestive System Treatment

I was treated by Iain Lettice for a chronic and persistent bowel condition that had left me so unwell that I had lost 20lb(9Kg) in 4 weeks.

I had previously dismissed acupuncture as an option as I did not believe it would be successful but, as ‘traditional’ medicine was proving unsuccessful in diagnosing my condition, I decided to give it a go.

Following each treatment, I was not entirely cured but the symptoms were temporarily controlled, with the duration of each period of control increasing with each session.

I continued the treatment in parallel with traditional medicine, which eventually diagnosed the problem and provided medication to resolve it.


I do believe that Iain Lettice’s treatment vastly improved my quality of life in the period he was treating me.

The most impressive aspect of the treatment, was the attention to detail shown by Iain when interviewing me to understand and diagnose my condition. The level of detail was far greater than any GP has shown me in over 40 years!!

The treatment itself was pain free.

I would recommend Iain to anyone and would advise any sceptic to at least give acupuncture a try – I was sceptical but it helped me.

Tim Grassam


Migraine / Headache Treatment

I suffered from almost daily migraine attacks which were made worse when I had a brain haemorraghe approximately 14 years ago. I was struggling to find a solution to controlling the pain that didn’t involve the use of strong medication. I had tried many alternative therapies, including reiki, reflexology and shiatsu when a colleague recommended acupuncture, which I have to admit I saw as a last resort.

Within a short period of time I started to see a marked improvement from the acupuncture treatment carried out by Iain Lettice at his acupuncture clinic in Morley. The treatment involved weekly sessions of about an hour concentrating on relieving the migraines and releasing stress that had built up in my system as a result. I am now almost migraine free, getting the odd one now and again. I continue to use a top up acupuncture session approximately once a month, which I believe is beneficial in terms of my wellbeing.

Without hesitation I would recommend acupuncture to anyone, as it has certainly improved my quality of life, enabling me to have a continued pain free existence without the use of medication.

Louise Johnston-Hunt
I came to see Iain as I was suffering from chronic daily migraines and his treatment has vastly improved my quality of life. I arrived jaded and exhausted from being in virtually constant pain, after having treatment on a monthly basis for the last year although still suffering from the occasional migraine, I now feel I have my life back. Iain is a very caring person, I feel he takes a real interest in my condition and treats the whole person not just the problem. I would heartily recommend him.
Angela Oldroyd
Hi Iain,
In reply to your email I would be delighted to give you a testimonial.
I first came to see you about problems I was having with my neck and depression from the recent loss of my wife, after 3 sessions with you my neck problems had eased and I found you to be a good listener where the loss of my wife were concerned. An other plus was that my migraine attacks were reduced from weekly sometimes daily to monthly which is a godsend. I would gladly recommend you to family and friends should they have any problems. All in all I honestly think it was money well spent.
I started attending acupuncture on the recommendation of my GP, i have Chronic Migraines and acupuncture is known to be an effective pain treatment. Sadly the treatment didn’t reduce the migraine pain much in my case but it did work wonders for other related issues. When i have migraine i am very light and sound sensitive so being in most places is difficult, Iain was brilliant; he turned off lights in the treatment room, had a towel available to place over my eyes, the music was quiet and relaxing when i wanted it on and he was happy to turn it off when i didn’t, everything was done so that treatment was as comfortable as it could possibly be. Just going out to acupuncture every week was helpful, being able to explain how i was feeling in depth to someone who listened and could help was a real treat, so much nicer than the hurried 10 minutes with a GP. I clench my jaw a lot and don’t sleep well so often i have jaw, shoulder and neck pain, acupuncture worked instantly for those aches and pains and the pain didn’t return for a few weeks which was amazing! Iain is extremely friendly, and very knowledgable, he was happy to explain everything to me about how the acupuncture works and it was very reassuring. I would definitely recommend him to everyone because i felt very at ease and comfortable during the sessions as well as the acupuncture itself being brilliant and effective. For anyone worried about the needles,as i was at the beginning, you honestly can’t feel them go in, its not at all painful or uncomfortable, in fact its the opposite!
Denise Owen

Back Pain

Musculoskeletal Treatment

After taking a fall a while back I ended up with headaches, limited movement in my neck and had shoulder pain. Naturally, being a guy, I soldered on for a few months until my wife couldn’t bare it any longer. So, after not really seeing any improvement I enlisted the help of Iain.

I’ve had three sessions now at Iain’s acupuncture clinic in Morley, having the acupuncture mainly in my shoulders and neck. The first session allowed me to re-gain the movement back in my neck and got rid of the headaches. The last two sessions helped relieve a lot of stress in my back and I have now been pain free for a few weeks. I’ve also noticed I’m more relaxed in general which is great.

Iain has a really easy manner and has a high level of professionalism. He put me totally at ease and his results speak for themselves and I would quite happily recommend him to anyone

Paul Sanders
I started acupuncture treatment with Iain after having two operations on my foot and still having difficulty with walking and pain.

After the very first treatment I could not believe the difference. The pain is almost gone and my walking has improved. Recently went on holiday and managed 12 miles per day, this was not at all possible before the treatment.

Iain’s ability to listen and understand is quite refreshing, but his knowledge and treatment is second to none. I have previously been to other Acupuncturist and can say that Iain his the best.
Would I recommend him – definitely

Susan Bambrook
I had spinal surgery in 2011 & 2012 and needed follow up alternative treatment as there was nothing more a surgeon could do so my consultant recommended acupuncture. I contacted Iain’s clinic as he was recommended to me by a few friends. After 4 sessions with Iain I now feel I owe it to him and his method of treatment as I now have a new bill of health. I genuinely believe in acupuncture and would go straight to Iain should my symptoms return but would now consider acupuncture for anything else too. I have also recommended Iain to many friends & I believe they too have been extremely happy with Iain’s treatment. He also has a kind & gentle approach with his personality which helps when a patient is nervous about the unknown!
Keep up the good work Iain
Ann-Marie Bedford
I receive treatment from Iain for pain relief following a not too successful knee replacement. Acupuncture also helps to calm my Parkinson’s disease tremor. I find Iain to be a good listener and a sympathetic and kind person and feel in a better place following my regular appointments.—- Mrs Senior 26/7/16
Carolyn Senior
I have suffered from long term almost daily headaches.

Following years of ‘conventional’ medical treatments both prescribed and over the counter (that never really provided any long term solution), I lost confidence in traditional medicine and acupuncture was a last resort.

As a result of having acupuncture at the Morley Acupuncture Clinic with Iain Lettice, I have found that I have begun to have periods of reduced headaches and occassionally have been headache free for the first time.

Iain Lettice is very easy to talk to and is prepared to listen and look at the whole picture not just the specific pain I might have at the time. He explains the treatment he proposes and how it works in understandable terms – he has a very good ‘bedside’ manner.

I do, however, find treatment rather ‘hit & miss’ in how effective it is.

I would happily recommend Iain Lettice for treatment at the Morley Acupuncture Clinic. The clinic is friendly, comfortable and easy to find. Iain is very professional and understanding.

I like the fact that Iain is interested in my complaint, wants to resolve it and provides a continuity of diagnosis and treatment (not something I have found in traditional medicine).”

Malcolm Turner
I came for treatments with Iain in 2014 when I was suffering with spinal related pains. As I was still under the care of the neurologists Iain provided me with a careful but beneficial treatment plan which we sat and discussed in depth and then amended as my symptoms changed.
I was extremely anxious about my upcoming surgery and because of the pain I suffered found sleeping to be problematic. I was given some breathing and relaxation techniques which I still use for day to day relaxation and when my pains raise their ugly head.

I am so greatful for fab care I received from Iain and would definitely recommend his treatment and support. Fantastic guy and fantastic care X

Rachael Parkinson
I was completely new to acupuncture and didn’t know what to expect
When I went for my first treatment. Iain came highly recommended by another acupuncturist so I thought I’d give it a try and was pleasantly surprised. He was warm, welcoming and full of knowledge about the craft. He put me straight at ease and explained in detail what he was going to do and why. I left the first session feeling completely relaxed and happily returned for further treatment in the following weeks. I would highly recommend Ian and would return in an instant.
Laura Lachucik
Iain’s acupuncture treatment programme significantly reduced my long-standing lower-back pain.
He put me at ease by clearly explaining what he was doing and why and I found him extremely personable, caring and totally professional.
I have recommended him to family and friends and they have, like me, been tremendously pleased with the results
Mike Brook
I went to Iain Lettice for help to alleviate Restless Legs Syndrome which I have had for years.
Upon arrival I was reassured by the friendly, professional welcome I received.
I really appreciated the detailed discussion and explanation of the proposed treatment.
I experienced marginal benefits from the first two sessions and did not have an easy third session because I had restless legs throughout!
However, following the decision to change tactics, the last two treatments resulted in considerable improvement. For the first time in years I have had 36 hours free from restless legs.
I would recommend Mr. Lettice to anyone.
I valued his explanations and his willingness to “leave no stone unturned” in seeking alternatives. At the same time he was always anxious not to advocate further treatment unless I was sure that I was experiencing any benefit.
I intend to return for treatment at intervals.
Greta Shaw
I came to visit Iain as I suffer with lower back pain from a car accident and stress/anxiety. Iain is a very professional acupuncturist and knows exactly which area to include for my treatment, and within minutes of the treatment starting I feel as though I am floating on clouds J The night’s sleep thereafter, is always perfect, I feel like a new person, with clear sinuses, and leave feeling much more grounded and a lot calmer, with a real sense of well-being, lasting a good few weeks.
I would certainly recommend Iain, and already have!.
I have had many treatments before, but not as through as Iain, he has a real caring nature, and instantly makes you feel at ease, as well as having a wealth of knowledge in his field.
Sharon Casey
I came for treatment after suffering from chronic muscular pain in my right shoulder for nearly 18 months. I tried physio, massages, herbal remedies and ointments but nothing would prevent the shoulder muscles from seizing up. It was preventing me to be able to play Tennis properly.
The Cupping that Iain carried out allowed deep penetrative muscle treatment that really brought relief from the chronic pain. This was supplemented by acupuncture to relieve pent up energy. Additionally, Iain carried a complete lifestyle review and recommended changes to posture and diet. The real breakthrough came once I started to stand up and work with an elevated desk. Since then the pain in the shoulder has subsided. The dietary advice helped with the feeling of constant tiredness I used to feel.
Iain is a very personable individual who will take the time to understand individual needs. He will attempt to provide the best solution possible which includes making lifestyle recommendations which get to the root cause of the issue and not just short term benefits and/or relief.
I would recommend Iain in a heartbeat as he is clearly a professional who knows what he is doing!
Vic Ahmed
Suffering from arthritis in both knees, with my right knee being the worst, I had tried a variety of ways to alleviate the pain. These included physio, prescription pain killers, knee supports,topical herbal creams, prescription pain killing gel, herbal/natural painkillers. These only gave limited, if any, relief. A friend of my daughters recommended having acupuncture with Iain after the results she had had.

Iain concentrated on the most painful right knee and I was delighted to find even after just one treatment the acupuncture definitely made a difference. Obviously the problem was still there and the joint remained stiff but there was a marked reduction in pain. I had a number of treatments prior to having a partial knee replacement and I found they really helped me to cope with the otherwise excruciating pain. The whole experience is very relaxing and calming.

I would recommend anyone with joint pain to try acupuncture. Iain has a lovely manner. He explains everything in detail and he spends a lot of time asking questions to fully understand you as a whole person.

Never having tried acupuncture before I went with a very open mind but not knowing what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised at the whole experience and delighted at the reduction in pain.

Gillian Green
I have seen iain for a few complaints that haven’t responded well to Western medicine, such as impingement in my left shoulder and interstitial cystitis, both of which have been much improved with the use of acupuncture. Iain is a very pleasant and caring man, he listens and builds his treatment around your comments and improvements from previous treatments, to give you the best session on the day, I have recommended him to both friends and family. He explains what he is doing and why and will go in depth if you want to know more on the treatment you are receiving if you are interested showing a full knowledge Base on the subject! He also puts patients/clients at complete ease, would highly recommend for treatment!
Louise Thorp
Had treatment from Iain for lower back pain, although this was not successful, he did not string me along & recommended I saw my GP, offering my final treatment free. Which I thought was commendable, & honest.
Would recommend Iain as he explains what he is about to do & why
Bill Denton


Fertility Treatment


Having been diagnosed 5 years ago with advanced stage 4 Endometriosis, I had undergone several operations, the last being just under 8 hours.

I suffered daily with severe pain some days unable to walk. The pain continued and despite Doctors telling me I had to try and conceive straight away and that there was now no reason it shouldn’t happen yet it still didn’t.
By this time my illness was returning rapidly and IVF was my only hope.

After much research I began to hear of many people trying Acupuncture as a way to help.

I was unsure, I thought it would hurt and didn’t believe anything could help with the agonising pain. But then I found Iain, I had already tried many home remedies and other treatments. Nothing worked. From my first consultation I felt like for the first time in years I was finally listened to, after only a couple of treatments I found my pain subsided dramatically and I had more energy than ever!! I didn’t find myself exhausted throughout the day and felt I had a spring in my step! I looked forward to my appointments, with the needles in, I felt instantly calm and relaxed, again, something I hadn’t felt since my diagnosis.

Nothing was ever too much trouble for Iain, always available by phone, text or email to reassure or answer any questions/doubts I had.

If you want a treatment that I feel you couldn’t get anywhere else where you don’t feel like ‘’you’re wasting their time’’ or ‘‘not really been listened to’’ I would highly recommend you visit Iain in his clinic and see for yourself.

This was my last attempt at trying something to help end the daily struggle with pain and hopefully fulfil my wish of been a Mother on my IVF journey , After only one treatment for the first time in a very long time I didn’t have to take pain relief… one less thing to remember when leaving the house.

Not only does Acupuncture leave you feeling very relaxed I strongly believe that without the help from the treatment and Iain’s knowledge and advise on fertility diets and his expertise in his area of work I would not be where I am today…. 23 weeks pregnant!!! My miracle that I believe is down to Iain’s patience and knowledge of my issues . I recommend to everyone I know for all types of problems or to relax and help with anxiety
Thank you again Iain!!

(Sarah now has a healthy baby boy)

Sarah Hutton
I started having treatment with Iain in June 2015 after suffering another miscarriage ( one of many) in January 2015 which caused depression and then my periods stopped. I had been put on a long waiting list for counselling but had been told I could be waiting for up to a year. By the time I found Iain I felt very unwell with it all and felt that acupuncture was my only hope. I had read that it could help with my issues and I had had acupuncture years before which had helped as pain relief as I suffer from a bowel disease so thought it was worth a try.

Iain put me at ease straight away, and I felt comfortable opening up about my issues.

After a few sessions I could feel an improvement in my mood and after 5-6 sessions my periods started to return.

I can honestly say that by finding Iain who is very professional and exceptional in giving acupuncture saved me from having a complete breakdown. I am truly grateful and have made a full recovery.
I will definitely use Iain again and have acupuncture for a bit of ‘Me’ time out from my busy family life and would highly recommend him to friends and family.

Many thanks
Louise Pugh
(Louise gave birth to a health baby boy soon after this testimonial)

Louise Pugh
I came for help with my fertility issues and my sleeping problems. The main benefit I got from the treatment was for the first time in years i could sleep properly again. The service and treatments were fantastic and Ian made me feel at ease very quickly. I would definitely recommend the service and treatments.
Keeley Middleton

Pagoda Acupuncture Clinic in Bangor, Gwynedd

Stress / Anxiety Treatment

Before having acupuncture treatment with Iain I was convinced there was something seriously wrong with me as I had constant dizzy spells, mini blackouts and felt really out of control and angry. After only a few weeks of treatment I began to feel more in control and a little bit more like my old self, my confidence began to come back and eventually felt normal and in control again. Iain has seen me through extremely difficult emotional situations, always listening (counselling) and offering good advice. I truly feel I would not be where I am now without Iain and the treatment as I would have gone completely mad and I will never stop going to Iain for regular treatments as I would not want to feel the way I did ever again. I would highly recommend Iain to all my family and friends as he is a wonderful caring person.
Adele Frudd
I visited Iain Lettice at Pagoda Acupuncture with sever anxiety and stress problems, panic attacks and lack of sleep due to recent work related issues.

I was looking for an alternative method of treatment, this worked amazingly well and reduced my levels even after the first session. The treatment itself is very calming and pain free, I think I even fell asleep on more than one occasion! I left each session feeling refreshed and rejuvenated which lasted for days afterwards.

I would most certainly recommend Iain to my friends and family, he took time with me to ascertain the appropriate level of treatment required, was a fantastic listener and nothing ever felt hurried. He even gave me a great tip to get to sleep which I use regularly and it works!
N. Barmby

Nina Barmby
I have been struggling with a combination of stress / anxiety / depression on and off for 4 years and was recommended to see Iain by a family member who had successfully seen him for another condition but thought treatment may help me too.

I have found the acupuncture definitely helps me to deal with things. I do get a bit of release during the treatment itself and find a sense of ongoing calm lasts afterwards.

I find Iain to be a very caring and genuine individual who always listens and provides sound, practical and helpful advice in addition to the acupuncture itself.

I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending him and would also be happy to speak with others who are considering acupuncture with Iain.

Ally Devine

multiple sclerosis

Immune System Treatment

Excellent – helps enormously with my MS symptoms – feel “chillaxed” after my session at Iain’s acupuncture clinic in Morley -would reccomend anybody to try – 10/10
Sue Pontefract
I came to Iain because of my stress, anxiety and depression that were a direct result of the Chronic Fatigue syndrome I have had for years. The acupuncture has helped relieve these feelings and made my life more liveable and bearable.

Before acupuncture, I felt so down and so low, but didn’t want to get jumped up with loads of medication and painkillers to get me through.

I’ve been having acupuncture since 2003, first with my Dr, then at the pain clinic, but I finally settled on Iain as I get the best results with him and he actually listens me.

I would recommend Iain as I know it benefits me and I get half back from SimplyHealth anyway. The fact that a body like SimplyHealth pays for acupuncture shows that they believe in the benefits of acupuncture and see it as a way forwards as well.

I’d recommend Iain to my friends and family as he is the kind of person you can talk to and discuss anything with. He asks questions and actually listens to me when I answer. He’s like a counsellor. He has a kind and friendly approach and it’s like being in good company where you can say what you want. That’s really important, if you can’t talk and say exactly what is wrong, you’re lost. AND, I always come out of treatments feeling a lot better.

Margaret Sadler


General Wellbeing Treatment

‘Although I felt I was generally in good health I did have two on-going debilitating problems – tinnitus and insomnia. The NHS tried but failed to help me so I decided to try acupuncture and visited Iain Lettice. Result – less tinnitus and more sleep. Glad I decided to go for treatment at Pagoda Acupuncture.
Max Amesbury
I have been a regular Client of Iain’s for some 4 years, receiving very beneficial treatment for dizziness, lower back pain, sciatica and stress related problems.
I like and appreciate his positive approach and he has always treated me with care, kindness and professionalism.
I have recommended him to several friends and family members who have been just as delighted with the success of their treatments
Lynn Brook
I would fully recommend Iain’s services. He helped me hugely a short time ago with a complete tailored treatment. I would not hesitate to visit again should the need arise.
Leigh Duwell