Multiple Sclerosis Acupuncture: Sue has had Multiple Sclerosis for a number of years. She had acupuncture to help manage her MS, to aid her general well-being and to feel more relaxed during this stressful time.

Patient: Sue Pontefract.

Clinic: Pagoda Acupuncture Clinic, Bangor, Gwynedd

Acupuncturist: Iain Lettice.

Multiple Sclerosis Acupuncture

Let me start with a few facts about Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Multiple Sclerosis Acupuncture

In 2012 The Multiple Sclerosis Society Stated

  • 100,000 people in the UK have multiple sclerosis
  • It is an autoimmune disorder of the central nervous system
  • Over time, disability tends to increase progressively but with periods of remission
  • 10–15% of patients worsen progressively without remission
  • Some sufferers have no significant disability for many years
  • The underlying pathogenic mechanisms involves inflammation and axon degeneration

The Physical Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Include Problems With:

  • Vision
  • Balance
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Bladder
  • Stiffness and/or spasms
  • Bowel function
  • Speech
  • Swallowing
  • Cognitive function

More can be found here on the MS Society website.

Conventional Treatment Includes:

  • Disease-modifying drugs such as
    • interferon beta (-1b and -1a)
    • fingolimod
    • glatiramer
    • natalizumab
  • Physiotherapy
  • Dietary modification.


Multiple Sclerosis Acupuncture


Multiple Sclerosis Acupuncture Can Complement Conventional Treatment

Research has shown that multiple sclerosis acupuncture may specifically help to relieve symptoms of multiple sclerosis by:

  • Improving paralytic symptoms by reducing numbers of inflammatory and CD4 T cells
  • Supporting neuronal survival by promoting the expression of the protein NT-3 which ultimately
    • causes remyelination and functional improvement of the demyelinated spinal cord
  • Acting on areas of the brain known to:
    • reduce sensitivity to pain and stress
    • promote relaxation
    • deactivate the ‘analytical’ brain responsible for anxiety and worry
  • Improving muscle stiffness and joint mobility by increasing local microcirculation
    • which aids dispersal of swelling
  • Reducing inflammation by altering immune functions

Sue’s Testimonial For Iain Lettice

Excellent – helps enormously with my MS symptoms – feel “chillaxed” after my session at Iain’s Pagoda Acupuncture Clinic -would recommend anybody to try – 10/10 – Sue Pontefract


Useful Resources

If you have MS, or would like to help somebody that does.  Here is the UK’s Multiple Sclerosis Society home page.



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