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How is acupuncture different from conventional medicine?

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Acupuncture Is… Conventional Medicine Is…
Investigative. It treats symptoms by addressing underlying cause of the problem, which leads to more profound and longer lasting results. Superficial. Masks or suppresses symptoms, but does not address underlying cause, which creates “patients for life”.
Holistic. Treats the body as an interconnected whole, and recognizes the importance of these connections in health and disease. Dualistic. Views the body as a collection of separate parts, each of which has its own doctor (i.e. cardiologist, podiatrist, etc.)
 Safe. Treatments have mild or no side effects, and other unrelated complaints often improve spontaneously.  Dangerous. Treatments can have serious side effects and complications, including death.
 Patient-centered. Treats the patient, not the disease. Treatments are highly individualized based on patient needs.  Disease-centered. Treats the disease, not the patient. Patients with the same disease get the same treatment, regardless of their differences.
 Participatory. Patient is respected, empowered, educated and encouraged to play active role in healing process.  Autocratic. Patient’s opinion is sometimes discounted or ignored, less time is spent on education, and patient may be discouraged from playing active role.
 Integrative. Combines Acupuncture with diet and lifestyle changes.  Limited. Relies almost exclusively on drugs and surgery.
 Preventative. Guided by the ancient Chinese saying, “The superb physician treats disease before it occurs.”  Reactive. Focused on managing disease after it has already reached an irreversible state..

Pagoda Acupuncture Clinic in Bangor, Gwynedd

How long do acupuncture consultations take?

Your first visit will last for up to 90 minutes, giving your acupuncturist time to find out the underlying cause(s) of your illness. At Pagoda Acupuncture clinics, we’ll build a complete health history as well as an assessment of your health problem. This profile will cover your present health issues, past medical history, medication, diet, lifestyle, social circumstances and general symptoms.

Follow-up visits last up to 60 minutes. We’ll review your progress since your last treatment and note any improvements or changes in your symptoms. This will give the information needed to decide together how your health plan will develop. The amount of time spent with you allows us to design and give the best course of treatment for you.


Pagoda Acupuncture Clinic in Bangor, Gwynedd


Will the acupuncture needles hurt?

The needles are sterile, disposable and as fine as a strand of hair. Most patients feel little or no discomfort during the insertion. With the needle in place, there is no discomfort at the needle site. Most people find the treatment very relaxing and many meditate or sleep.


Pagoda Acupuncture Clinic in Bangor, Gwynedd


What Should I Wear?

Most acupuncture treatments are below your elbows and knees. So, wear loose fitting clothes that will allow easy access to these areas. That means trousers that can roll up above your knees and a loose fitting shirt that can roll up above your elbows.

Towels and/or surgical gowns will be used if more personal areas need to be reached. These ensure only the area to be needled is exposed. Your modesty will be protected at all times.


Pagoda Acupuncture Clinic in Bangor, Gwynedd


Are There Any Instructions To Follow After The Treatment?

Plan to take it easy after your treatment. Most patients report they feel energized and a sense of well being afterwards. Most patients also sleep well the same night as their treatment. Sometimes after receiving a treatment, you may feel a little lightheaded. If this is the case, please sit down in the waiting room. In a few minutes, you’ll feel relaxed and clear-headed.


Pagoda Acupuncture Clinic in Bangor, Gwynedd


How Can I Book An Appointment With Pagoda Acupuncture?

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