Chronic Bowel Acupuncture:
Tim used Acupuncture for chronic bowel issues. Tim’s bowel issue alarmingly caused him to lose 9kg (20lb) in just 4 weeks. Regular acupuncture treatments help put the brakes on the weight loss allowing Western medicine time to take effect.

Patient: Tim Grassam.

Clinic: Pagoda Acupuncture Clinic, Bangor, Gwynedd

Acupuncturist: Iain Lettice.


Chronic Bowel Acupuncture: How Acupuncture For Chronic Bowel Issues helped me. A Testimonial For Iain Lettice.

Acupuncture For Chronic Bowel Issues - Tim GrassamI was treated by Iain Lettice for a chronic and persistent bowel condition that had left me so unwell that I had lost 20lb(9Kg) in 4 weeks.

I had previously dismissed acupuncture as an option as I did not believe it would be successful but, as ‘traditional’ medicine was proving unsuccessful in diagnosing my condition, I decided to give it a go.

Following each treatment, I was not entirely cured but the symptoms were temporarily controlled, with the duration of each period of control increasing with each session.

I continued the treatment in parallel with traditional medicine, which eventually diagnosed the problem and provided medication to resolve it.


I do believe that Iain Lettice’s treatment vastly improved my quality of life in the period he was treating me.

The most impressive aspect of the treatment, was the attention to detail shown by Iain when interviewing me to understand and diagnose my condition. The level of detail was far greater than any GP has shown me in over 40 years!!

The treatment itself was pain free.

I would recommend Iain to anyone and would advise any sceptic to at least give acupuncture a try – I was sceptical but it helped me.


Iain Lettice

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